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November 11, 2019

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The pen is always next to us. I think a pen that can be with me anytime, anywhere is a good pen. So I always wanted to make a portable pen that I could use comfortably.

FOLPEN is a name created by adding FOLD and PEN. The folding pen was made by adding two more words to the meaning of the pen.

I think a pen that is easy to carry is a good pen. No matter how good a pen it is, it seems that if it is inconvenient to carry around, it is not easy to carry around. So I thought that I would like to make a pen that is portable. I thought, "How can I design a pen to carry it with me?" I thought about folding it to reduce the volume. I thought folding a pen would make it much easier to carry. It will be easier to carry without a bag or pencil case because it will be thinner and smaller than the existing pen.

Thinking about folding a pen like this, I thought of a book that goes with a pen. I thought it would be more meaningful if I made a portable pen with a book that is always with me, not just a pen that is good to carry with me. So, I designed the pen to fold and use, and to move or to put it between books using a magnet attached to the pen at the moment of its arrangement, so that there is no risk of losing it and that it will make the pen more portable by giving it the impression that it is carrying a book.

mockup was created to find out more about the structure and shape of pens.

dayoung Lee


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